16 illegal immigrants from Vietnam nabbed

Taipei, Oct. 11 (CNA) Sixteen illegal immigrants from Vietnam were arrested at sea off the coast of Taichung in central Taiwan Tuesday, according to Taichung coast guard officials. Coast guard personnel said they were tipped off earlier in the day that mainland Chinese fishing boats were assembling off Tunghsiao in Miaoli County, and dispatched a cutter to investigate. The cutter found a Chinese fishing boat 12.5 nautical mile off the mouth of Daan River in Taichung, which was carrying the Vietnamese -- 11 men and five women. Fourteen of them had worked legally in Taiwan before and were familiar with the country. They had been deported back to Vietnam upon being caught for absconding from their employers. Each member of the group paid brokers 6,000 Chinese yuan (US$941) to board a Chinese fishing boat in Fujian Province and make the cross-Taiwan Strait voyage in search of illegal work. "The illegal immigrants claim that they have a hard time making a living in their own country and are attracted to Taiwan by the the higher wages here," coast guard officials said. (By Chen Shu-fen and Lilian Wu)




tipped off通風報信

dispatch派遣; 發送; 快遞

nabbed 抓獲

arrested 逮補



Daan River in Taichung台中大安河

nautical mile海哩

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